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Eden Green Energy, Inc. is a trusted service company specializing in Fats, Used Cooking Oils and Grease Management. We collect used cooking oil and clean grease traps for restaurants, food manufacturing plants, hotels, and schools. All managed fats, oils, and grease that have a beneficial use go exclusively to production of Renewable Biofuels. Our efforts and continued passion for the management of these materials over the last ten years are responsible for the diversion of millions of pounds of fats, oils, and greases from landfills and public sewer systems.

We also offer environmental services requiring high temperature pressure washing. Exhaust hood cleaning and exterior cleaning of sidewalks, outdoor seating, drive-thru's, and related high traffic areas all require this equipment and knowledge. Visit our Facebook page or Instagram to see what a difference these other services can make to your business. The results are impressive! 





Used Cooking Oil Collection

Renewable Fuel Feedstock

Used Cooking Oil Collection is the primary focus of Eden Green Energy. Collection and recycling of waste cooking oil. Scheduled or on demand, we offer fast response times and quality service. All waste fryer oil collected is recycled into Renewable Energy. Rounding out our efforts of protecting the planet and her waterways from waste fats, oils and greases.

Grease Trap Cleaning

The harsh reality of what goes down the sink.

​Let's face it, cleaning a grease trap is a dirty job. They smell, and not like a field of wild flowers. The grease inside, if not removed properly, is going to find its way in to the plumbing. Then REAL problems start. Clean it yourself? Have fun! It gets everywhere if not serviced with the right equipment and experienced technician. 

Floors, walls, shoes, clothes, hands, hair, ew...ok, we think you get the point. 

Hood Cleaning & Filter Service

Keep your kitchen safe.

When it comes to hood cleaning we understand the importance of having this done properly. We provide before and after pictures of each cleaning, when you see the difference, you will think it was just installed! For those customers who are on a regular schedule, extend the time in between full hood cleanings by utilizing our filter exchange service. Eden Green Energy has the training and certification to keep your hood running safe and clean.

High Temp Power Washing

Who eats at dirty restaurants?

Not us, that's for sure! Eden Green Energy offers a high pressure, high temperature wash service. We use 200 degree water to power through the toughest grease, dirt, and grime. Some power wash company's use cold water which is good but doesn't really lift off years of use and abuse.


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