With years of experience keeping things clean, we offer solutions custom tailored to your needs.

From large scale operations to the local corner store, we give the same personal service.

We care about your business, and that is reflected in every visit.  



Used Cooking Oil Collection is the primary focus of Eden Green Energy. Collection and Recycling of Waste Cooking Oil. Scheduled or On Demand, We offer fast response times as low as 2 Hours. All waste fryer oil collected is recycled into Renewable Energy in efforts of protecting the environment we live in.


We provide a collection container to your establishment at no charge to you. You dispose of your waste cooking oil in the container provided. Your business is then monitored by our account software aptly named FETCH for scheduled pickups. We dial in your frequency of pickups and FETCH keeps your business on a recurring cycle. On occasion you may have a surge in the amount of used cooking oil you need removed. Just give us a call, and we will send one of our vacuum trucks within 24 hours.




​Let's face it, cleaning a grease trap is a dirty job. They smell, and not like a field of wild flowers. The grease inside, if not removed properly, is going to find its way on to everything. Grease Traps create very expensive problems if not properly maintained. This is where Eden Green Energy excels.

To properly remove the grease trap contents, our vacuum truck lines quickly remove all of the fat, oil, grease, water, and solids. The vacuuming keeps the grease trap contents from getting everywhere. All material removed is disposed of by Waste Water Treatment Plant permit. Don't let this aspect of your waste stream ruin your day, make a big mess, and cost you more money. This is one of those things that if left for a long period without maintenance, real problems happen. These problems are much more expensive than regular cleanings.




The entire kitchen exhaust system includes the hood, filters, fan and all associated horizontal and vertical ductwork. Have the entire system cleaned by us or simply have your vent hood filters cleaned on a regular basis. We make hood maintenance easy and safe.

The grease and particulate buildup in the kitchen exhaust system is a fire hazard. This also impacts on the efficiency and lifetime capabilities of other adjacent kitchen equipment, plus other mechanical equipment. According to the National Fire Protection Association, “the majority of restaurant fires originate on the kitchen cooking appliances and flare into the kitchen exhaust system. If the entire exhaust system is not cleaned, a significant risk for fire exists whenever cooking appliances are used.”




Eden Green Energy works on projects of all sizes. Despite our popularity and ongoing larger projects, we take every job seriously. Smaller projects need attention to detail and outstanding quality. That’s why we have staff specifically dedicated to smaller jobs that require fast, effective, and quality results.

Here is what we do on a regular basis for our customers:

  • Festival and special event cleaning

  • Parking garage maintenance 

  • Hotel appearance management

  • Spill clean up and containment

  • Landmark cleaning 

  • Sidewalks, Walls, Driveways

  • Outdoor Seating Areas

  • Trash Areas